Alex Sink: CBO Report Is Good News And Presents 'Exciting Prospect' For Americans (Video)

In response to ‘Job lock’ and supply-side economics:

We will soon be finding out if the Democrats’ “job-lock” spin is helping or hurting them. 

Democrat Alex Sink is running against Republican David Jolly in the FL-13 special election, March 11 to take the late Bill Young’s seat.  The Republican Young served in the House from 1971 to 2013.

Currently Sink is polling 42%-35%  against Jolly in what until recently, was a Republican held district.

In an appearance on the Tampa Bay talk show, Political Connections, scheduled to air on Sunday, Sink fully embraced the Democrat spin on the CBO report, calling it an “exciting prospect” for Americans.

Republicans across the country have seized on a recent Congressional Budget Office report that projects that the health care law will prompt many Americans to work fewer hours in order to qualify for a greater government subsidy of their health care.

Sink, however, says the CBO report is actually good news that points to the “exciting prospect” that Americans will have more choice and greater freedom in their lives.

We’re being asked to believe that the low-income people who are dropping out of the workforce because of ObamaCare, will somehow have the capital to start their own businesses. I guess we’ll soon find out if this flies with the people in FL-13.