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Bullet Points for GOP Success in 2014

Bullet Points for GOP Success in 2014

Politics 101: First you win, then you govern. It’s a course in reality. 

Spending and Deficits 

This is the original and ongoing gripe of the real tea party, not the corrupted and co-opted elements whether by politicians, political figures or interest groups. Taxed enough already and too much wasteful spending. What should be done to address this issue. 

  • Don’t just depend on the federal government and the Congress. States have to be more responsible and Republicans must take more state legislatures. States must work with their federal counterparts and in some cases challenge the federal government to do the right thing. 
  • Between now and the election in November the house under GOP control must exercise its power over the purse and curb spending wherever possible.
  • These changes must be systemic and structural at the bureaucratic level. Legislation alone won’t do it.


Does GOP have an alternative plan? What needs to happen. Has the disastrous rollout given the GOP an opportunity ahead of the midterm elections? Will they seize it? Does the GOP have an alternative plan for healthcare?

  • The GOP has floated a variety of ideas like health savings accounts, portability and growing health provider numbers (doctors, nurses, other medical professionals etc.). 
  • The GOP has done a terrible job of promoting their ideas. 
  • No to Obamacare is not enough. No must be followed by this is what we will do working with the states. Enough overreach by the federal government. 


Not happening this year, but will Republicans agree on a platform before working with Democrats?  If not now, when is it in the GOPs best interest to take a stand on immigration?

  • The president just promised that immigration will get done before he leaves office. The first promised it would get done within his first year in 2008.
  • Republicans have some good ideas by writing clean individual bills and combining them. 
  • Border security is the first, enforcement of current laws is the second, fixing the current immigration system and guest worker program is a key next step. Others will follow. 
  • Republicans suffer from the same political disease as Democrats by caving to the special interests on immigration. Stop the insanity, Americans are losing battle.
  • Finally … Immigration reform does not guarantee the Hispanic vote.

Social Issues 

Do social issues like same sex marriage, abortion, “war on women,” and religious liberty matter to voters? Does the GOP need to change its stance on certain issues (i.e. contraception, gay marriage) to win? 

  • Social issues are important and matter to some but not all voters. No need to change a deeply held belief by some GOP voters. 
  • Republicans need to enforce a moratorium on social issues. Social issues are a wedge that Democrats use against Republicans with likely voters. 
  • Roe v. Wade will never be overturned in this country, deal with it. 
  • You want to reduce the rate of abortions, find every means necessary (education, contraception, parental involvement etc.) to reduce the number of pregnancies. As you lower the number of pregnancies, you lower the need for abortions. There is your free-market approach.


Can we unite under one banner; How can Republicans broaden their base? Are people being left out of the conversation (i.e. minority groups, women, LGBT community)? 

  • It seems as though every time the RNC leadership or the Congressional leadership changes the strategy and tactics change, and the GOP wonders why it isn’t working. 
  • Quit claiming the Reagan big tent, pandering to groups during election cycles like the GOP has done with the black community for years and get engaged on pro-growth issues like the economy, energy policy, domestic and national security. These issues and others matter to Americans whether they be minorities, women, LGBT or nondescript. 
  • This effort has to be local, on policy and consistent for years to be effective.

There are Republicans of all types across this great country and as was attributed to Pres. Reagan “my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy.” Now go forth GOP and win one for the Gipper and the American people. 


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