The Left Ramps Up Attacks on Conservative Organizations


The 2014 elections are fast-approaching.  Every day Americans are getting health care policy cancellation notices, coping with unemployment or underemployment, and getting fed up with an Administration that’s outright hostile to its citizens.  The Left is desperate to hold on to the Senate by any means necessary.  

Last week, a Leftist website funded by George Soros published a ridiculous article attacking the organization, Center to Protect Patient Rights (CPPR).  Yesterday its president, Sean Noble, responded to the attack:

I firmly believe that anonymous political speech is not a danger to our nation — it has played an important role throughout our history. Anonymity in political speech protects the speaker from retribution, but it also serves a greater good: It allows the public to listen to ideas without any bias toward the messenger.

On Wednesday, The Arizona Republic republished a story about me written entirely by ProPublica, a left-leaning non-profit funded by liberal billionaires like George Soros. ProPublica spent more than 7,000 words painting the activities of my firm and non-profits with which I am involved as criminal.

The ProPublica authors repeatedly use the term “dark money” so as to scandalize the Center to Protect Patient Rights and make legal and compliant activities seem improper. If the money were truly “dark,” these “reporters” and the public would not have broad access to information about the funds granted by CPPR and similar organizations. The public tax records referenced by ProPublica include significant details about organizational details, activities, priorities, and spending.

The truth, while much less intriguing than the tale woven by ProPublica, is that CPPR and the other non-profits mentioned in the article operate in full compliance with the law. Even the authors of the piece admit, “There’s no indication that Noble or the center are under scrutiny by authorities for violating tax or election laws.”

ProPublica hopes to bully CPPR and other conservative groups out of existence because we’ve been effective. Thanks to President Barack Obama’s mismanagement of the country, particularly the failure of “Obamacare,” liberals know they can’t win against us in a fair fight of issues and ideas.

The hypocrisy of ProPublica attacking a group because of its donors was not lost on the Western Free Press.  

Leftist groups such as Pro Publica push a double standard. Pro Publica publishes its liberal agenda abetted by Liberal billionaires though refuses to disclose all its donors. Yet somehow conservative organizations are excoriated to go above and beyond the law.

The U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed the rights of people and corporations to participate in the political process without fear of reprisals. Sean Noble connected with people who believe in an America where a limited government taxes only what is needed and allows businesses, entrepreneurs and hard-working people to thrive.

His work drew scrutiny from liberal groups that disagree with that vision. Instead of fighting this battle in the marketplace and at the ballot box, the elites living on either coast want to stifle the free exchange of ideas.


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