New York Goes After Bottomless Mimosas

An attack on brunch?  

As a New York Times headline should say, “Women and gay men hardest hit.”

No wonder they didn’t announce this before the mayoral election.

From The Foundry:

The NYC Hospitality Alliance sent out an alert Monday to its member restaurants reminding them of a prohibition against “selling, serving, delivering or offering to patrons an unlimited number of drinks during any set period of time for a fixed price.” 

Is the State Liquor Authority seriously enforcing this prohibition? Unfortunately, the answer is “yes.” The New York Post reports that Heath St. Clair, who owns an Australian burger joint in the East Village called The Sunburnt Cow, said he used to offer unlimited mimosas and Fosters beer over a 90 minute span- before his business was investigated by the SLA. Following this investigation by the fun police, he now says, “We do not offer an unlimited brunch.” 

As anyone who has ever consumed multiple mimosas at brunch knows, unlimited drinks are never actually unlimited. One can only handle so many of them, and restaurant owners are well aware of this. “We only serve a person maybe four or five drinks,” St. Clair told the Post. “People get buzzed, they get happy, and they feel like they didn’t pay for it. We’d go broke if we actually gave people unlimited drinks.”