Harry Reid: Republicans Are Addicted to Koch (Video)

Doing his part to ensure that devotion towards Big Brother is continuous, the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid took to the floor to contribute his two minutes of hate towards Charles and David Koch. 

Reid lambasted Republicans for “defending” the right of the two libertarian billionaires to participate in our democracy.  It should be noted that the Koch brothers rank #59 in political donations (behind the left-wing Act Blue and a whole bunch of unions.) 

“Republican Senators have come to the floor to defend the Koch brothers’ attempt to buy our democracy,” Dingy Harry wheezed reading from his script. “Not only have Senate Republicans come to the floor to defend the Koch brothers personally,  they have again and again defended the Koch brother’s radical agenda.” 

Dingy emphasized that the Koch brothers are radical, “from a middle class perspective” but neglected to name the radical, anti-middle class actions they were engaging in.

“Senate Republicans are addicted to Koch,” Dingy concluded. Get it? Koch is pronounced “coke” – like the drug. Good one, Harry.

The next time Dingy goes to the floor to demonize the Koch brothers, maybe he should ask fellow Koch addicts, the DSCC, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu and Mark Begich to return all of the money they have accepted from the Koch Industries PAC or he (and they) might look like hypocritical hacks.

In the meantime, when are Senate Republicans going to ask this decrepit Majority Leader to step down? He embarrasses himself on the Senate floor almost daily, now.


Reid proudly posted the video on Youtube:


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