Do Not Overplay A Jolly Win For GOP

Both sides are coming out and spinning the results on the heels of the president sounding the midterm alarms for vulnerable Democrats.

On The Kelly File David Jolly had this to say.

“Listen this is a great night for us in Pinellas County, for the voters here.  But you did mention the President’s healthcare plan and we know that represents view of government that’s of great concern to people across this country and it’s true right here in this community as well. The President’s health care plan has hurt people in this county and a number of people came out to the polls today to express that concern to the President and to Congress.

Republicans should take the win but be careful about calling this an all-out referendum on Obamacare. On the ground analysis outside of the political spin that follows is that many older residents in the district did not respond as much to the Obamacare because they’re already on Medicare. 

Democrats ran ads against David Jolly using the Koch brothers and social issues which is what you do when have a losing position. Democrats wanted to paint Jolly as someone to run away from. 

Alex Sink did not answer a question clearly about her residency and that plays much like the carpetbagger approach. Sink did not answer clearly if upon winning, she would remain in the district in her condo rented in November 2013 or sell her house outside the district and move in. 

Overall what is building in America is loss of trust in President Obama and Democrat candidates will pay the price. Obama has lost the trust of the American public with multiple failures on the economy, foreign policy, multiple high level scandals and diminishing tracking polls for the past 6 months supports this. The Republicans would do well to use this distrust in whatever manner it can be applied locally in races.