All Aboard the Republican Party Train (Video)

According to Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, there are now at least 11 Democratic-held seats in red or purple states that are in trouble – 12 if you count the Virginia seat held by Sen. Mark Warner. 14 if you count Oregon and Minnesota, which Republicans hope to flip as well. 

The 11 most vulnerable Democrat held states are as follows:
New Hampshire
North Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Republicans are heavily favored to win three of those states – Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia. If they do, they need only win three of the remaining eight states to recapture the Senate.

Cillizza writes, “in short, none of this octet of states are solidly Democratic. And, if Republicans were only to win the states that Romney carried in 2012 — a reasonable prospect given the national political environment … they will be in the majority come 2015.”

No wonder the NRSC is feeling so cocky, these days.  Here’s their new video  “All Aboard,” highlighting the GOP’s momentum. 


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