Man Detained at Airport After Announcing 'I Have a Bomb In My A**"

Man Detained at Airport After Announcing 'I Have a Bomb In My A**"

According to the South China Morning Post, a periodical I like to read regularly, a man was arrested and placed in detention for five days after announcing he had a bomb hidden in his rectum while going through a security checkpoint at Terminal 3 at Beijing Capital International Airport on Monday. 

According to a report, the passenger was in a hurry to catch a flight and displayed visible signs of anxiety while making numerous complaints about the slow moving security line. Upon arriving at the security screening, the man was asked to remove his shoes. Apparently that was the last straw and he asked the security official the following provocative question: “Do I need to drop my pants as well? I have a bomb in my ass.”

The security official then reportedly asked the man what must have been the English equivalent of “Come again?” And according to the report, the weary traveler repeated that he was in possession of bomb and confirmed its location. At that point, a security alert was activated, the checkpoint was shut down and passengers were evacuated for their own safety. 

Drawing the short straw at a nearby police station, officers searched the man and no bomb was found. The alert was subsequently called off and airport operations resumed. 

According to the report, the man told police his anger stemmed from his belief that security checks were a waste of time.  

He also added that he never anticipated the consequences of his remarks…and by consequences, he meant such an extensive cavity search. 


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