Reince Priebus Requests Apology From Ebony Editor For Racialist Insult of RNC Staffer

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus sent a letter to Jamilah Lemieux, the  digital editor of Ebony Magazine, Friday, seeking an apology for her hateful and outlandish comments aimed at conservatives, yesterday. 

Lemieux spent much of her day Thursday attacking conservatives on Twitter after she racially insulted RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams, who is liberal Fox News Commentator Juan Williams’ son. 

The dust-up started with a discussion regarding the new Black conservative news magazine being launched by Ben Carson and Armstrong Williams.

Black conservative blogger and radio talk show host, Wayne Dupree (@newsninja) captured the ugly exchanges, as did Twitchy:

This is where Raffi Williams entered the conversation:

Shockingly, Lemieux hasn’t seen fit to delete this next abominable tweet:

And it got worse:

Then came the worst faux apology in the history of faux apologies:

And her meltdown wouldn’t be complete without pretentious liberal academic jargon:

When conservatives on Twitter requested a sincere apology, Lemieux reacted with more venom:

It just went on and on – there’s much more at Twitchy. 

Raffi Williams went on Fox and Friends, this morning to talk about the unfortunate episode, and his desire to write a guest article at Ebony expressing the value of diversity of thought.

Via Wayne Dupree:

Williams shouldn’t expect Ebony to be excepting his offer anytime soon if Lemieux has anything to do with it. She doubled down on her sad, closed minded stance, on Friday:

According to their website, “ is the premiere online magazine destination for African-American cultural insight, news and perspective. An inviting, charged, and interactive experience under the direction of Editorial Director, Kierna Mayo, is a community-powered site for hot topics and trends, advice, critical conversation, and the best in entertainment and breaking news on Black life in America. 

Through original reporting and highly-curated aggregate content, reflects the diversity and broad spectrum of daily thought and opinion within the African-American community. It captures the laugh-out-loud humor of our online audience with a fresh and intelligent point of view, and provokes and inspires dialogue connecting all points of the African-American world.

(Emphasis mine.)

Encouraging diversity of thought within the African American community doesn’t seem to be a priority for  Senior editor, Jamilah Lemieux, as sadly, she considers it “against her best interest and the interests of most.”


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