Introducing The Black Conservatives Fund #SayItLoud

Introducing The Black Conservatives Fund #SayItLoud

A political action committee has formed to help elect black conservatives at every level of government – an idea that is long overdue.

BCF will be providing “direct contributions in addition to running TV and radio ads, conducting get-out-the vote drives, and funding any other activities our endorsed candidates need.”

We are first and foremost a CONSERVATIVE political action committee.  We are committed to assisting candidates who support reining in the size and scope of government, protecting our nation through a strong military, and promoting American values – especially the right to life.

Board members include Ken Blackwell, CL Bryant, Sonnie Johnson, Erik Rush, Kevin Daniels, Princella Smith, KCarl Smith, Alfonzo Rachel, Ron Miller, and Anita MonCrief. 

Their goals are to:

-Promote black Republican candidates and encourage that number to grow each year.

– Promote conservative ideas and solutions that help the black community such as school choice, localization of governance, budgetary restraint, and exposing the labor unions for what they are.

– Host events and conferences around the country that encourage minority outreach and presenting Republicans and conservatives as mainstream options for every voter, with emphasis on the black voter.

– Go toe-to-toe with anyone who would label Black conservatives as “uncle tom’s” or the conservative movement as “racist.”

– The PAC will endorse all sane black Republicans. Folks we already generally love: Mia Love, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Tim Scott, T.W. Shannon. We realize we’re not going to agree with everyone about everything, but the PAC’s main purpose is to create a new narrative and then have a debate of ideas.

– Present an accurate portrayal of the Republican party and our history with the black community.

– Spur and poke the PAC and other conservative organizations into doing more minority engagement

Here is the press release announcing the new PAC.

We believe that despite the election of Barack Obama, the conservative movement has a golden opportunity to expand our coalition by supporting black conservative candidates whenever possible. 
 An entirely new generation of black leaders is stepping forward to help save this nation.  They believe that the welfare state and a corrupt education system are destroying our future.  They understand that big government has created nothing but big problems. 
And they are willing to fight back against the left-wing race baiters of the Democratic Party.
These black conservative heroes are willing to endure the personal attacks and outright ridicule from the liberal political establishment and the left wing media in order to stand up for what’s right.  And for that, they deserve our encouragement and our support.
Black conservatives are rising and uniting with the announcement of Black Conservatives Fund (BCF) as America’s largest political action committee to elect black conservative candidates at all levels of government. 
Black Conservatives Fund is committed to supporting black conservatives who are dedicated to spreading the message of limited government and traditional values. The organization will support candidates through direct contributions in addition to web, TV, and radio advertisements, conducting get-out-the-vote drives, and funding other activities that BCF endorsed candidates may need. 
“All across America, black conservatives are running for office in record numbers. The lock that the liberals have held on the black vote is slowly but surely breaking,” said Anita Moncrief, a founding member of BCF’s board of advisors. Ms. Moncrief is senior advisor at True the Vote, but is best known as the “ACORN whistleblower” that exposed the damage the organization has done to the impoverished and marginalized communities, as well as rampant voter fraud. 
“An entirely new generation of black leaders is stepping forward to help save this nation,” continued Ms. Moncrief. “They believe that the welfare state and corrupt education system are destroying our future. They understand that big government has created nothing but big problems. Not only that, they are willing to stand up and fight back against the Left-wing race baiters of the Democratic Party.” 
Presently there is no single organization, including any political action committee, truly focused on recruiting credible black candidates, financially backing them, and including the black community on issues like paying down the national debt, welfare reform, strong national defense, limited government, and faith and family values. 
Black Conservatives Fund intends to fill that void by providing grassroots support not only win elections, but to help transform American politics.

The group has launched a social media campaign using #SayItLoud on Twitter to promote the PAC.


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