Krugman claims the standard elite exemption

In response to Paul Krugman Offered ‘Comfortable Perch’ to Focus on Income Inequality:

It’s hard to top “Krugman gets paid $25,000 a month to think about income inequality” as a comedic headline, especially given the hilariously light workload placed upon him.  I had to hold my sides to keep them from splitting when I got to the CUNY offer of a “relatively comfortable perch” to build up their “platform for public interventions” on income inequality.

But this is really nothing new.  The elite are always exempted from everything they complain about.  Aristocracy is absolutely integral to collectivism – there’s always a core of powerful, pampered leaders who don’t have to suffer the deprivations inflicted on everyone else in the name of “fairness.”  Some pigs are always more equal than others.  

I advise anyone interested in the study of “income inequality” to see if he can wrangle an invitation to dinner at the palatial estate of any socialist or communist nation’s Maximum Leader.  

Likewise, if you want to see some major carbon emissions, hang out at a “climate summit” and wait for the grandees to arrive in their private jets and limousines.  Liberals are dying to raise taxes on everyone else, but the socialist mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, just checked in with an effective 2013 tax rate of 8.3 percent.  Man of the People Barack Obama, media-certified to the Sainted Middle Class as “just like you,” lives beyond the means of crowned royalty at taxpayer expense.

No doubt there are millions yet to be made in the great crusade against “income inequality.”  It helps that everyone on the Left has an appetite to be ruled by the enlightened, and they expect to be dazzled when they catch a glimpse of their betters.