Romney Back in the Political Game

A few weeks ago I was at an event at my hair salon and I had the opportunity to talk to a local jewelry designer.  Like many Americans, she doesn’t pay attention to politics every day.  She had recently seen the documentary “Mitt” on Netflix and expressed disappointment that she voted for Obama.  She said, “I remember seeing some news program and saying to my friend, ‘He’s just another rich a**hole.’  Now I think he was a good guy and could have kept us out of this Obamacare mess.”

I think this is a growing sentiment among Americans, so I am happy to see Mitt Romney making endorsements this week.  

One of the many lessons of 2012 seems to be that Republicans need to not be afraid to let down their hair while delivering a positive message on conservative principles.  Do the People magazine interviews.  Do the late shows.  Do the fluff interviews.  I’m more afraid of Harry Reid continuing as Majority Leader and a Hillary Clinton (or whoever) presidency than a Republican candidate looking silly in People magazine.