Wannabe Celeb Schedules Abortion for Shot at 'Big Brother'

The Mirror reports that Josie Cunningham, a wannabe celebrity in Britain, has schedule an abortion of her 18 week-old unborn child in the hopes that killing the child will boost her chances of being cast on the reality show “Big Brother.” 

“I’m finally on the verge of becoming famous,” Cunningham said while puffing on a cigarette and rubbing her baby bump. “I’m not going to ruin it now.”

Apparently she was on “Big Brother’s” casting shortlist until they found out she was pregnant.  

Last year, Cunningham demanded the NHS (Britain’s socialized medicine) pay for a boob job that would cost the taxpayers 4800 pounds — something close to $7000 US.

Nine days ago, the Mirror reports, Cunningham was tweeting photos of her child. 

Now it is in the way of her becoming a D-list celebrity.