The American People Won't Be Fooled Again

In response to Obama and ObamaCare crater in the polls:

Just for laughs, check out this DSCC Memo from just last week expressing confidence that Democrats have gotten past the worst of the ObamaCare disaster. It  paints a rosy picture for their chances in 2014 and even goes on to suggest ObamaCare will be a plus for them.

Over the last several weeks we have seen mounting evidence that the Republican effort to turn Senate races into a referenda on the healthcare law has failed, and they are now scrambling to find an alternative strategy.

 The Koch brothers, Karl Rove, the Chamber of Commerce, and other Republican outside groups have already wasted nearly$40 million on television ads manipulating the President’s image and trying focus voters’ attention squarely on the health care law. But public and private polling confirms that opposition to Republican repeal efforts has increased and voters are increasingly tired of the GOP attacks surrounding the healthcare debate. Meanwhile,Democrats have launched a multi-million dollar national assault on the Koch brothers, highlighting how Republican Senate candidates support an agenda that further enriches the billionaire brothers, while hurting themiddle class.

 In a formal announcement today, the Republican National Committee confirms that the effort to make Senate races a referendum on the President and the healthcare law has failed.  Republicans are now discontinuing the strategy they’ve employed the last 18 months, and are now mounting an aggressive defense of the Koch brothers.

Democrats are delusional if they think their idiotic and profoundly hypocritical anti-Koch brothers rants are going to save them, this November.The 2014 midterms are not going to be defined by “messaging” – not on the Republican side nor the Democrat side. The nation has had a chance to see ObamaCare enacted, and they do not like it. Period. They don’t really need the GOP to tell them that their pocketbooks are taking a hit. Most people understand that they were lied to, don’t appreciate it, and are no longer buying the lies. You see this in this latest poll. So Obama can cook some books to come up with whatever figures he wants to on sign-ups. He can do his little victory laps surrounded by sycophants and toadies. The American people won’t be fooled again.Hey Democrats  – only 8% of the American people think your “Affordable Care Act” is decreasing their healthcare costs. 47% say it is increasing their healthcare costs.Your bogus anti-Koch brothers messaging is not going to save you from the ramifications of that.