There will never be truth or accountability on Benghazi

In response to Carney Knew The WH Document Was About Benghazi – He Used The Talking Points Himself on Sept. 14, 2012:

It’s pretty wild to watch Carney and the rest of the White House spin team give up all semblance of talking about objective reality, and just say whatever crazy-ass thing they need to get through the evening news broadcasts.  “The Benghazi memo?  Why, that wasn’t about Benghazi at all!  Or maybe it was about some guy named Ben Gazzi.  Or maybe there’s some little town in Missouri called Benghazi.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

This is basically the ultimate 100-percent pure, Walter White blue meth version of Obama’s “one news cycle at a time” strategy for media survival.  He knows the press really doesn’t want to talk about this, because they’re his co-conspirators.  They look ridiculous after parroting his Benghazi lies without question for years, only to get upstaged by Judicial Watch waging the kind of Freedom of Information Act battle the mighty Major News Networks refused to fight.

Ben Rhodes and Jay Carney aren’t going anywhere, because this corrupt Administration isn’t going to break its absolute-zero accountability policy.  Nobody gets fired, ever.  That way, you don’t have disgruntled ex-cronies writing tell-all books.  You don’t have the media smelling blood in the water and asking follow-up questions, which even the most reluctant reporter would feel kinda-sorta obliged to gingerly venture.  Remember how viewers of NBC News had absolutely no idea what Operation Fast and Furious was, until the network had to give them a two-minute crash course in order to explain why Attorney General Holder had been held in contempt?  That’s one of the reasons why nobody is ever held accountable in the Obama Administration.  No pink slip, no story.

It’s a playbook that only works if the media is romantically in love with an Administration.  They’d never sit still for it otherwise.  They’d call B.S. immediately after hearing B.S.  They’d climb over stonewalls, and raise hell when bloody disasters ended with body bags, but no empty seats at the next White House meeting.  They would construct those wonderful narratives they use to keep stories alive for the low-information crowd, instead of the way they allow every Obama scandal to swiftly burn out in an absolute void, unconnected to any other scandal.  

And most of all, the big media would be doing what you’ve done here: remembering all the old lies they were told, before accepting the latest load of malarkey from people like Jay Carney.  In the days after September 11, 2012, the press didn’t even remember crap Obama shoveled at them less than 24 hours previously.  They did exactly what the authors of that damnable White House spin-control email wanted them to do: made the story about something, anything other than four Americans dying inexcusably on Barack Obama’s watch, with absolutely zero preparations made for the possibility that a U.S. ambassador in a terrorist beehive on the anniversary of 9/11 might get in trouble.

The narrative on Benghazi shouldn’t have been “How could anyone have seen this coming?” with a side order of “Mitt Romney better not dare criticize our boyfriend Barack for this unpredictable tragedy.”  The true narrative is, and always was: “How could anyone not have seen this coming?”