Note to Michelle and Hillary — #SaveOurGirls

Note to Michelle and Hillary — #SaveOurGirls

It’s fact that we must be invited into Nigeria to help find the schoolgirls kidnapped by the radical Muslim group Boko Haram. That said, is a hashtag (#SaveOurGirls) really the best message powerful women in the most powerful nation on earth can send?

Doesn’t work in a world filled with Kims and Saddams and Usamas and Omars and Vladimirs and Bokos and Muammars and Bashirs and Persians. Remember the January 2014 news reports of North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un feeding his uncle to 120 starved dogs. 

Leave the heavy lifting to real women, the likes of like Secretary Condoleezza Rice and Lady Margaret Thatcher. You’re not real women. ‎Or anything else for that matter. 

MUST READ: Kerry Picket reports, the State Department in 2012 dismissed Boko Haram concerns with a form letter like response.