MSM AWOL as Usual on IRS Bombshell Emails

In response to A new chapter in the IRS scandal begins:

The media will be all over these new developments as soon as they’re through defending Hillary Clinton from those dastardly Rovian attacks on her mental well-being.

According to Newsbusters, the networks devoted “a total of 11 minutes (ABC: 4 minutes,19 seconds; CBS: 4 minutes, 19 seconds; NBC: 4 minutes, 8 seconds) to defending Hillary Clinton from Republican attacks on their Wednesday evening and Thursday morning shows.”

So far they have spent a total of 0 seconds on the bombshell emails.

A Google search of the past 24 hours brings up media outlets like, Townhall, PJ Media, Newsmax, the Daily Caller, Rightwing News and of course, Breitbart as the only ones covering the story. With the exception of one left-wing site which has a post sputtering that we wingers don’t know how the IRS works. (Of course the DC office was involved, you dummies.)

Obama’s loyal Praetorian Guards go above and beyond the call of duty time after time after time.

The White House may – if they’re lucky – reward them with continued limited access, and perhaps even more photos of the president striking heroic poses as taken by the official White House photographer.


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