MSNBC Panel Engages In Rush Limbaugh Children's Book Award Trutherism (Video)

MSNBC finally found a scandal other than BridgeGate to talk about…

Al Sharpton and his panel of two … not terribly impressive young women (I’m trying to be charitable, here) were 100% sure that voter fraud was involved in the Children’s Choice Award for Author of the Year, because conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s beloved children’s book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, won.

Sharpton and his guests, Zerlina Maxwell and Abby Huntsman, could have taken the high road and congratulated Limbaugh for the honor, but that wouldn’t have given them an opportunity to “otherize” a nasty Republican – so they took the low road, instead. 

Al Sharpton asked Maxwell if it could “possibly be voter fraud from some kids on the right?”

She answered, “absolutely 100%, the kids did not vote for Rush Limbaugh to win best book over “Divergent” the blockbuster movie and book. I think kids, certainly if they even know who Rush Limbaugh is, which is, I think, probably a tall order, you know, they certainly aren’t like yay, a talking horse and a man talking about becoming a radio host when they grow up. I don’t think that’s an inspiring message for kids.”

Huntsman speculated that Limbaugh’s book only qualified to be a nominee because he bought half of the books that were sold, himself. 

Both of Limbaugh’s children’s books have been very well received by the public. They are on the New York Times Top 10 children’s list and have both spent time at #1.  His second book, The First Patriots is currently at number three, and Brave Pilgrims is at number five.  The Brave Pilgrims has been on the list now for seven months, and it was number one for half of that time.  

Mark Jacob, an author and editor at the Chicago Tribune, who reviewed The Brave Pilgrims wrote, “this book is downright sweet. And warm. And positive.” He continued, “it also has an unsophisticated and even corny sense of humor that may underestimate 13-year-olds. But it’s never mean-spirited.”

This entire segment is mean-spirited and cringe-inducing (but Sharpton does pronounce Limbaugh’s name correctly, so there’s that.)

Rush talked about how the voter fraud narrative got started on his show, Friday:

So AP has this long story today where they got hold of Robin Adelson, the Children’s Book Council, and they just demand for her to admit that the vote was fraudulent. They just demand that she tell them that the vote was something they couldn’t police and it really may not be legitimate.  And she stands up for the vote.  She explains how it all happens.  She’s really a gutsy woman because her friends are coming after her on this. She’s holding firm, and she’s trying to maintain the integrity and dignity of the organization she leads, that she’s proud to lead.

The Children’s Book Council is all about children’s literacy. They’ve got a great objective and agenda.  But the Drive-Bys are just obsessed with discrediting, ’cause they just can’t accept, A, they didn’t know it, B, they can’t accept that people are buying it, C, they can’t accept it would win an award.  Now, I’m gonna tell you something, folks.  I know that many of you are gonna be shouting back at your radio, “Why are you surprised?  You’re the one that’s always telling us who these people are.”  I’m not surprised, but I do continue to learn. 


They are really confused.  It’s not that they’re mad.  They’re just genuinely confused.  They really believe.  Talk about the low-information crowd, this is it.  They really believe what they’ve been told.  They believe that over half of their fellow citizens are really subhuman, when you get right down to it, when you look at the things that they believe about conservatives.

So anything that upsets that applecart is difficult for them to process and comprehend.  And so it can’t be real.  Therefore there has to be fraud involved or there has to be cheating involved.  And of course that’s just projection because that’s in large part how they arrange things for themselves, stacking the deck, you name it.  (interruption)  Well, Dawn just said, “Wait ’til they see the stuffed Libertys on the shelves.”  There aren’t any stuffed Libertys on the shelves yet.  But this whole Rush Revere series is just in its infancy here.