The Anti-Hispanic Hispanic Through the Eyes Of A Liberal Radio Show Host

Democrats from all walks of life are targeting Navy veteran Jorge Bonilla for destruction, as he continues to make the case of why his congressional candidacy could defeat Democrat Alan Grayson.

For the second time in as many months, a lowly liberal and Obama supporting Hispanic disc jockey broadcasting out of Orlando, Florida, is calling out Republican congressional candidate Jorge Bonilla as being anti-Hispanic.

Bonilla, who is Hispanic, is looking to defeat Congressman Alan Grayson in the November general election, supports legal immigration reform.

The first radio-rant by the disc jockey coupled Bonilla with Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Congressman Raul Labrador, saying that they were against immigration reform because they were pandering to the Republican base for votes.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the ignorance continues to run rampant among Hispanic pundits and radio personalities like this guy, who’s “Uncle Juan” attacks against Hispanic politicians for not supporting their un-American and illegal views on immigration reform.

The wannabee Kasey Kasem of the Hispanic world in the Orlando area, doubled down on his claim that Bonilla was anti-Hispanic.

What I don’t get is that Democrats have a good grip on this. Democrats know that when they run someone with a last name like Castro or Guzmán or Gutiérrez, they know that the last name will earn them support among Hispanics. And those people take Hispanic positions.

 However, what I see within the Republican Party is that every time a Hispanic gets up there, they take anti-Hispanic positions.For example, let’s take Jorge Bonilla as an example. Jorge Bonilla. You know, let’s be blunt here, Bonilla wasn’t drafted or approached to run in a primary because of his vast public policy experience.

 Because he’s totally an amateur. They call on him because he has a last name, Bonilla, and that could, having a Hispanic there, could help curry favor for Hispanics within Congress. But what’s the first thing he does? He comes out against immigration reform. The first thing!

And so this is where Hispanics, they try, within the Republican Party in fact, they try to distance themselves from Hispanic issues…as though they were trying to curry favor with the rest of the nation.

Wait, if someone is anti-Hispanic, does that mean that they are also racist towards Hispanics?


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