State Dept Rejects Bergdahl Comparison to Marine Held in Mexico

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki had no interesting in comparing the recently exchanged Sergeant Bergdahl with Marine reservist Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi currently being held in Mexico.

Jen Psaki’s exchange with Fox News below.

Fox News Q: Just a quick follow up on Matt’s question. You mentioned because Sergeant Bergdahl is a member of the military you went after him. If you have a Marine reservist in Mexico, why can’t you do a similar swap for him?

MS. PSAKI: I understand the desire to make comparisons, but we wouldn’t compare them.
This is — it was a Marine [sic] who was taken while in combat, and you’re talking about a situation of an individual who the Mexican authorities are accusing of violating the law.

Fox News Q: But I’m sure we have five cartel members or somebody in jail we could swap in exchange for this Marine. Would that be a good — MS. PSAKI: Thank you for your advice, Lucas (sp), but every situation is different. Do you have another question?