Captures with questionable timing

In response to Suspect in slaying of border agent Brian Terry extradited to U.S:

I’m not sure if I question the timing with respect to the extradition of Terry’s killer, because this simply is not a story the Administration wants people talking about.  I don’t expect any victory laps, and I certainly don’t think we’ll be seeing Terry’s family at any White House Rose Garden ceremonies, like Bowe Bergdahl’s parents.

The timing of Benghazi attacker Ahmed abu Khattala is a bit more suspicious, given that the guy wasn’t difficult to find.  I would not automatically rule out the explanation that finding the right time to grab him, with minimal risk to Libyan or American forces, is one of the reasons it took so long to bring him down, but that would have been a lot easier to believe a few hundred days ago.  As it stands, I haven’t heard much in the way of an Administration effort to explain why it took so long.  James Rosen of Fox News certainly didn’t get much of an explanation when he asked:

What does it say about Obama’s “foreign policy triumph” in Libya, or the decision to send Ambassador Stevens into Benghazi with little in the way of reliable protection, when it takes a couple of years to bag a guy who hides in plain sight?  And why get him now, if not for the SQUIRREL! reasons so many people suspect?