The White House worked closely with IRS on ObamaCare, but left HHS in the cold

While we enjoy the latest developments at the technology-challenged IRS – which now claims Lois Lerner’s computer not only crashed and deleted her emails without any backups whatsoever, but her hard drive was physically destroyed – a thought about a less spectacular, but persistent, aspect of the scandal:

One of the other key officials who supposedly suffered a freak computer crash and lost all email correspondence is Nikole Flax – who, like former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman, visited the White House with remarkable frequency.  (Shulman was cleared for far more visits than he actually made, but he still made more visits than his predecessors.)  We are told there’s nothing untoward about these visits, because the IRS plays a major role as enforcers of the massively complicated ObamaCare, and they were coordinating closely with the White House to prepare.

This would be the same White House that left the Department of Health and Human Services completely on its own, under the hideous mismanagement of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who brought us the most disastrous launch in the history of computer systems.  The White House spent quite a bit of time working with the IRS to prepare for Affordable Care Act implementation… but virtually none at all coordinating with the people who were actually bringing the program on-line, creating the systems American citizens would interface with, and forwarding data from one of the most expensive social programs ever conceived by Big Government to the health-care industry it was taking over?

That sounds a bit fishy to me, but if it’s true, what does it say about the priorities of Barack Obama?  You peons are on your own when it’s time to punch into the billion-dollar system you’re mandated by law to use, but the IRS enforcement wing gets all the Presidential attention it needs.  I guess the IRS was a more important component of ObamaCare than HHS all along.