That wheezy old Obama speech doesn't sound any better the 1000th time

In response to Video: Obama Decries ‘Phony Scandals’ In MN – ‘It’s Not On The Level’:

I leave it up to dead-end Obama supporters to decide if they find it encouraging that he’s been giving the exact same speech for years, no matter what happens.  I know they’ve completely forgotten what he said when all of these “phony scandals” first broke, and he had to slog through a tough news cycle by pretending he was outraged when he read about the IRS scandal / the VA scandal / the digital panopticon / Benghazi / Operation Fast and Furious / etc. in the newspapers, in fact madder than anyone, and would leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of it all.  Selective amnesia is the defining trait of the Obama enthusiast.

But I must say that even if I was ever part of the “faded Obama poster on the wall” set, I’d be growing a bit disturbed that he keeps repeating exactly the same talking points, six years in.  He’s still pretending he got to Washington yesterday and can’t believe what he found.  All opposition to him is still based on personal dislike, which is his upscale way of playing the Race Card.  Absolutely no one who disagrees with him is sincere.  And somehow they’re powerful enough to stymie his entire agenda – you know, the same agenda he brags incessantly about implementing, when the headlines aren’t blowing up in his face.  He’s the almighty imperial president who single-handedly killed bin Laden, and he’s the helpless waif who can’t get anything done because Republicans control one-half of one-third of the government.

That’s a lot of cognitive dissonance for even the loyal lifelong Democrat to swallow.  I’d also be a little disturbed to hear the umpteenth repetition of Obama’s fairy tale about how the Republican Party really isn’t evil – they’re just helpless captives of the true villains, the Tea Party, which has terrorized them into immobility.  Why, did you know all sorts of Republicans keep coming up to Obama in private, away from the cameras and microphones, and telling him they wish they could sign on to his magnificent agenda, but they’re scared to death of the teahadists?  

(For the benefit of anyone who didn’t catch that part of Obama’s wheezy speech, he literally said that, except for using the word “teahadist.”  He really does claim he’s been privately contacted by nameless Republicans eager to bend the knee before him, but it’s the hateful Tea Party that holds them back.  He’s been making that claim for years.  Yes, he’s talking about the same Tea Party that all your favorite liberal journalists have been pronouncing dead since 2012.)

The truth is that if you make a list of the ten biggest disasters facing American government, every one of them is something Obama got his way on, from ObamaCare to Iraq.  I know his die-hard personality-cult worshipers (some of whom have bylines with major media organizations) can make themselves forget that, or convince themselves that every Big Government faceplant is the fault of dissidents.  But I doubt anyone outside the inner circle of the cult can make themselves believe that any more, and the polls would seem to support my doubts.

Not to say that’s going to translate into automatic success in the midterm elections – nobody can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like the Republican Establishment, and frankly, we wouldn’t be in the pickle we’re in if the electorate set high standards for Barack Obama.  The sad thing is that his most offensive talking points boil down to His Majesty expressing disappointment with a “cynical” nation that doesn’t believe in him passionately enough… when in truth, the problem is that the American people don’t believe in each other enough, and that’s why they entertain the promises of statist snake-oil salesmen.  Right now they’re just disappointed with Obama-brand snake oil.  It’s going to be hard work to convince them to stop chugging whatever the next charlatan has in his cart.