Does Elizabeth Warren Have an "I'm Broke" Problem?

Does Elizabeth Warren Have an "I'm Broke" Problem?

Real Clear Politics points out why you won’t see the Democrat in the White House, Barack Obama, on the stump with very many Democrats fighting for their political lives this November. They just aren’t that into him, any more.

Instead, they’re looking for a replacement and it’s not necessarily Hillary Clinton. Liberal Democrat Elizabeth Warren seems to be the hot commodity these days. However, a closer look suggests Warren may have something of a dead broke, as in Hillary, problem too.

Candidates from West Virginia and Kentucky, states where a visit by President Obama could doom Democrats’ prospects, are calling after Warren. Sure, she is an unabashed supporter of Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress. (Progressives now identify themselves as part of the “Elizabeth Warren wing” of the party.) Her backing of the administration’s new regulations on carbon emissions, for example, puts the Massachusetts senator at odds with many voters in those states.

Warren is known for her economic populism and her stance involving student loans:  Alison Grimes focuses on Elizabeth Warren, college costs.

After months of talking about job creation, Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Alison Lundergan Grimes is putting added focus on a related topic – college affordability.

Yet, per her 2011 Personal Financial Disclosure, Warren earned $429,981 As A Professor At Harvard Law School From 2010-2011. Is that really the right person to have on the stump with you when talking about how to lower college costs?

And that’s just the tip of the Warren cash iceberg lurking beneath the populist rheotirc on teh surface. Warren also earned $136,946 in book royalties and $133,938 as a consultant for a total income of over $700,000.

And that’s according to ABC. Certainly Warren is the fresh face of Democrat Party populism today. But some of theta freshness may rub off now that she seems intent on going full speed into the 2014 campaign season as a replacement for the increasingly unpopular Democrat in the White House. 

“Elizabeth Warren, the Senate candidate from Massachusetts who’s running on her history as an advocate for middle class consumers, earned more than $700,000 total in consulting fees, book royalties and a law professor salary from 2010 to 2011.