Hillary Changes Story on Rapist Defense, Claims She Had No Choice

In a video interview with a UK website, Hillary Clinton contradicts her earlier story about how she came to represent a child rapist. Hillary now claims she had no choice in representing the 41-year-old who raped a 6th grader, a story which is at odds with the one she told an interviewer three decades ago.

The Beacon reported last month that during her days as an Arkansas attorney, Clinton had vigorously defended the rapist of a 6th grader. In an interview recorded several years after the incident, Hillary made jokes about her client’s guilt and seemed to show little sympathy for the victim. The victim, who has remained silent for decades, finally came forward in an interview with the Daily Beast and said that Hillary had lied about her in court and “took me through hell.”

In her interview with UK site Mumsnet, Hillary states “at least in our system you have an obligation, and once I was appointed I fulfilled that obligation.” The Free Beacon notes today that her current story differs from what she told the interviewer 30 years ago. Back then Hillary claimed, “The prosecutor called me a few years ago, he said he had a guy who had been accused of rape, and the guy wanted a woman lawyer.” Clinton went on to say that she took the case as a favor to the prosecutor.

Whether or not Hillary was assigned the case, part of the problem is her callous treatment of the victim both during the case and years later during the interview. Hillary reportedly went out of her way to question the victim’s reliability. In fact, the Mumsnet question notes that she called the 12-year-old girl “emotionally unstable” and suggested she was from an unstable home and therefore may have exaggerated the incident. In effect, Hillary told the court it should not put much credence in the rape victim’s story.

Here is Hillary’s full response to the question:


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