Harvey Weinstein Trashes Martin Scorsese

Every year Hollywood’s Gran Poobahs gather for a Sun Valley gathering that nobody really enjoys. The thrill is being considered enough of an insider to score an invite. The downside is that you actually have to go.

The Wrap’s Sharon Waxman passed along an anecdote leaked to her about the insufferable Harvey Weinstein’s performance on a panel. Apparently, he saved “The Gangs of New York” and director Martin Scorsese is too ashamed to admit it:

Weinstein told a story about working with Martin Scorsese to cut “Gangs of New York” down from three-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hours. The person in attendance paraphrased Weinstein as saying: “Then I had the idea to put out a 3 ½ hour directors cut. But Marty would never agree to that because then people would say what a genius I was in getting the cut down.”

There’s nothing worse than a powerful man with massive insecurities. And I’m talking about Harvey, not Marty.