I Quit

I Quit

This morning I woke after my all too common standard of 6 hours of sleep which I often supplement with an afternoon nap or something I tell myself is a period of rest before the next part of my day.

The first words in my mind after an ugh or two – I QUIT! After all, why wake every day and try to do the right things in life. We fight personal and professional battles in a complex world daily. We see others who do not which drains society in so many ways. Why not join the mediocre? Then there comes the moment I think of who I am as my parents raised me, the many who influenced me and those who still do. I even consider tomorrow momentarily and who I might meet. 

Well, my I QUIT moment is over. It seems to have been a healthy exercise. Reminds me, I need to go to the gym after my mental workout. Fact is, I’m a fighter from a long line of fighters who’ve won. That means I can’t break the chain and lose. Tomorrow if so granted I’ll wake and dive right in. 

I’m back.