Keith Olbermann Lectures NFL, Himself on Sexism

Keith Olbermann Lectures NFL, Himself on Sexism

The question of whether Keith Olbermann is a sexist has finally be resolved by no less an expert than Keith Olbermann.

You may recall that Olbermann has previously made sexist comments about Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and S.E. Cupp. Olbermann eventually apologized for those attacks but only after he was called out in public. And according to Michelle Malkin, Olbermann didn’t apologize to her directly.

Because of this history of sexist comments, when Olbermann went after the NFL he felt obligated to include a bit of self-flagellation in his monologue. In the clip he says, “you don’t say things about prominent women that sound violent, even if you apologize quickly and even if you said the same thing about men.”

Vox tweeted out a post about the rant this morning claiming implausibly, “Keith Olbermann has zero tolerance for sexist bullshit…” This led many to point out that Olbermann probably isn’t the person to be delivering a message on sexism. And within moments Olbermann began responding and pointing out that he had denounced his own past behavior.

It wasn’t long before Keith got in a fight with a conservative woman on Twitter and started calling her brainless:

So that’s Keith Olbermann for you. He can give a long rant about other people’s sexism and even have enough self-awareness to critique himself as sexist in the process. But he still wants to be able to call any conservative woman who disagrees with him brainless at the slightest provocation. This person sort of sums it up: