5 Winners, 5 Losers of Gaza War (So Far)

The winners:

1. Israel – Restored deterrent against Hamas, uncovered and destroyed terror tunnels, nation highly unified.

2. Egypt – Sisi regime’s first test on the international stage boosts credibility and stature of new government

3. Russia, Iran – World largely ignores probable war crime of MH17; grants extension on Iran nuclear talks

4. Sen. Rand Paul – Argument for reduced U.S. aid, and increased independence, for Israel gains credibility

5. Sen. Ted Cruz – Only GOP presidential contender to oppose John Kerry’s confirmation as Sec’y of State

The losers:

1. Hamas – No significant achievements in the war, increasingly hated by Palestinians, brutality exposed

2. Obama, Kerry – Foolhardy push for premature ceasefire, actions criticized even by Palestinian Authority

3. Palestinians – Hope for a sovereign state fades amidst Hamas attacks on major Israeli population centers

4. Hillary Clinton – Struggles to offer coherent, consistent, competent response to the ongoing conflict

5. UN – Rockets found in UN schools, Human Rights Council destroys credibility further with anti-Israel vote