Alan Grayson Not-So-Friendly To Israel, Misses Vote To Replenish Israel's "Iron Dome" Defenses

Some say  that Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson is a ‘Top Jew’ when it comes to supporting Israel, while others say he is just another liberal hack that really doesn’t care much for our only real ally in the Middle East.

But now that the  U.S. Congress has pushed through a $225 million aid package to replenish Israel’s “Iron Dome” defense system, Grayson cannot take credit for voting in support of the bill.

 While the majority (395) of the members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of the bill, some (8) voted against the bill, while others (39) didn’t bother to cast their vote.

Grayson is one those members of Congress who was absent when the aid bill to Israel came up for a vote.

  So much for being pro-Israel.

  While Grayson failed to vote on the measure, his colleague in the House, Congressman Keith Ellison (D), who was sworn in on the Koran, voted ‘Nay.’

If you want to see how they voted on the bill, click here.

   In my opinion, Ellison probably voted against the bill because as a devout Muslim and someone advocating for the end of the blockade in Israel,  Ellison does not support any defensive or offensive military measures against Islamic nations or Islamic sympathizers

  “A cease-fire protects civilians on both sides — it doesn’t just say, ‘We’re only concerned about people on one side.'”-Rep. Keith Ellison (D)


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