FL Redistricting Trainwreck Steams Along

According to the Associated Press, the GOP-controlled Florida Legislature has approved new congressional maps that were ordered to be redrawn by Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis, who ruled that the “current” congressional districts were “illegally drawn to benefit the GOP.”

 The not-so-bipartisan redrawn maps will now land on Governor Rick Scott’s desk for his signature of approval, and then on to Judge Lewis’ for review.

 Of course you are going to have Democrats crying foul, and Republicans praising the maps as being fair, but remember it was these very same Republicans that shamed Floridians and themselves by being caught with their political pants down, and busted for their redistricting shenanigans.

 This is the very same legislature that said that former Congressman Allen West would be “screwed” in redistricting a full six 5 months before any map was even submitted for approval.

 It is not clear if the Judge will push back the August 26th primary elections, as well as the November 4th general election, even as many Floridians have already cast their absentee votes.

 Think about it. How could there not be a special election, or a postponement of the elections?

 If John Smith voted absentee in CD 9 for Jorge Bonilla, and now he finds out that he has been redrawn into Congressman Webster’s congressional district, doesn’t that make his vote null and void?

 Will he be allowed to vote for Congressman Webster? Probably not. How can anyone be allowed to legally vote twice?

 More on this developing train wreck to come…