Obama Will Handcuff U.S. Troops In Possible Iraqi Rescue Mission

President Barack Obama has just sent in 20 U.S. military personnel armed with nothing more than water pistols to assess the refugee situation atop a mountain in war-torn Iraq.

 Actually, I am sure the troops were not armed with water pistols, but they might as well should have been, since the President is saying that he will not commit any combat troops to the area.

 Obama’s National Security lapdog, Advisor Ben Rhodes sent out some mixed signals regarding the use of U.S. troops in Iraq, further magnifying Obama’s projection of weak foreign policy.

 One of the options the administration is reviewing, a White House official indicated Wednesday, could include ground troops — just not combat troops. 

“[Obama is] open to recommendations in which the United States is helping to facilitate the removal of these people from the mountain on a humanitarian mission, which we believe is separate than saying U.S. forces are going to be redeployed in Iraq in a combat role to take the fight to [the Islamic State],” Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said Wednesday. 

Rhodes said the options being considered include a series of airlifts but also “corridors” — a term for creating the conditions on the ground so the refugees can flee to safety. 

But he stressed that “what [Obama’s] ruled out” is bringing U.S. forces into combat on the ground.-FOX

If Obama sends in U.S. Troops, rest assured that the rules of engagement these soldiers will have to followm, will further endanger their lives more than they already are.