Romney Blasts Hillary and Obama for "Bend Over Backward" Appeasement

Romney Blasts Hillary and Obama for "Bend Over Backward" Appeasement

Mitt Romney appeared on WNYM’s “The Cats Round Table” with John Catsimatidis today and had some harsh words for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when it came to foreign policy.

“Hillary Clinton and her boss Barack Obama were extraordinarily naive and misguided in describing a ‘reset’ with Russia–her smiling ear-to-ear with a big red button that says ‘reset’ on it, giving it to the Russian Foreign Minister. They had to be laughing as they watched the United States bend over backward to try and appease the Russians. And, of course, Vladimir Putin took note of that.”

He also made it very clear where he stands with regard to Israel, something not easily said of the current administration.

“We should have stood very clearly, very strongly from the very beginning with Israel and insist that Hamas stop firing rockets–and when they agree to a ceasefire, they actually do cease fire. They have shown they can’t live by their word in that regard, and Israel therefore has a right and in fact a duty to protect its citizens from the launching of rockets from Hamas.”

Romney goes on to suggest the Obama administration’s foreign policy is to blame for the rise of ISIS.

“Had we followed [my Syria plan], there’s a good chance you would not see an ISIS today.”

“It is unacceptable for America and for the world to see an establishment of a major territorial and population energy area that is controlled by radical violent jihadists from which they would clearly launch attacks against our friends and allies throughout the world but also against us.”

“This [ISIS’s rise in the Syrian civil war] was known in the intelligence community and by the highest levels of government for, I believe, well over a year, and yet no effective action was taken to prevent ISIS from the atrocities which we’ve now seen.”

And finally, he rounds up by connecting the dots between what many are now coming to conclude is an extremely weak foreign policy on multiple fronts of the Obama administration. The full audio clip can be heard below.

“The President drew a red line in Syria and then failed to take action as Syria went across that red line. Again, Vladimir Putin took notice.”

“It’s important to foresee events, to listen to the intelligence officers and to try and shape events before consequences of real significance occur from which there are very few good options. Right now, we have very few good options in Ukraine. The best options were before Russia invaded.”


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