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Democrats Plan Around 'Sunk' Obama in Mid-terms


According to Roll Call, in states where “the president’s popularity is sunk … Senate Democrats are well aware of the anchor President Barack Obama is proving to be in the midterms” and are basing much of their strategy around it, or perhaps around and as far away from him as possible is a better way to phrase it.

To do that, Democrats intend to rely on their own home state connections, while trying to engage a lethargic Democrat base to up turn-out. They also claim to be focused acutely on get out the vote efforts for election day.

“The president’s ratings are a factor in our elections, but they are not the only factor in our elections,” Cecil said, noting the tens of millions of dollars being spent on advertising and the DSCC’s field campaign efforts.

As Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Executive Director Guy Cecil outlined in an interview last week with CQ Roll Call, it’s imperative for Democrats in these states to remind voters why they supported the incumbent in the first place, to over-perform generic Democratic numbers and continue to fund persuasion efforts — along with getting out the vote — through Election Day.


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