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New Poll Spotlights Rove's Multiple Mid-term Miscalculations


One need only Google Rove and ObamaCare to see how loudly and consistently Republican strategist Karl Rove has been pushing it as the issue to run on in the mid-term elections.

Rove even took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to spell out how to run against it as recently as mid-July.

Putting ObamaCare in the center of their campaigns will also force GOP candidates to spell out what they would do instead of ObamaCare. Americans do not want to return to the broken status quo in place before Mr. Obama made an even bigger mess of our health-care system.

Unfortunately, along with immigration and ISIS emerging as critical issues in the mid-terms – note Rove’s continued reluctance to even mention immigration, though it’s become a clear winner for the GOP – his suggested center-piece of this year’s GOP campaigns is now ranked as a third tier issue in a recent poll.

Heck of a job, Karl. Heck of a job!!!!

Obamacare had fallen to the third tier of issues. The biggest threats were now terrorism and illlegal immigration. Funny enough, that was what Brown had been campaigning on for a month, starting with a cheap-looking ad that worked a lot better than the deluge of Obamacare spots.


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