Sullivan for Senate Hits "Both Ways Begich"

In Alaska, Dan Sullivan’s campaign is out with a new ad, “Pure Washington,” hitting Democrat Mark Begich.

The Sullivan for U.S. Senate campaign released their latest web ad, “Pure Washington.” The ad highlights how career politician Mark Begich repeatedly says one thing in Alaska, and does another in Washington, D.C.

In conjunction with the ad, and in what has to be a unique spin on the accusation of flip flopping, Sullivan for U.S. Senate also launched a website  called “Both Ways Begich.” The ad also lists several facts, many of which link Begich to an unpopular Obama. The full ad can be viewed below.

Mark Begich is a DC liberal who votes with Barack Obama 97% of the time. Begich helped craft Harry Reid’s strategy of shutting down all debate and focusing on politics over getting things done. 

Mark Begich cast the deciding vote for Obamacare. ObamaCare kicked more than 5,000 Alaskans off their plans and is raising premiums for 2015 by up to 37 percent.


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