Democrats All Wee Wee'd Up Over Cory Gardner Ad

If this and the liberal Democrat crying jag on Twitter that followed it isn’t manufactured outrage, Democrats may be even more panicked about losing the Senate than they appear to be on the surface.

Talk about there being no there there. Despite the usually very weak John McCain saying he won’t campaign for Cory Gardner because he knew liberal Mo Udall, Gardner’s opponent’s father, protests over this ad seem silly.

A new campaign ad from Republican Cory Gardner talking about Sen. Mark Udall’s late father, who served in Congress, and his two cousins, who serve in Congress, has Democrats riled up.

Among those upset by the ad is Udall, who is running against Gardner for a second term.

“This race should be about who can better represent the great state of Colorado, not personal attacks on our families,” Udall said.

Judge for yourself.


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