Gabby Giffords 'Overshadowing the Candidates' in Former District

According to ABC News, Gabby Giffords “has stepped squarely into the spotlight, appearing in campaign ads, becoming a talking point in debates and, at times, overshadowing the candidates themselves” in the battle for her former district.

And that’s just her own efforts. 

Giffords’ anti-gun group is playing a roll, as well.

Her group Americans for Responsible Solutions released a counter-ad the following day featuring the former congresswoman, who was shot by a gunman in 2011 and resigned from the House of Representatives a year later. In “Fight For Us” Giffords says looking directly into the camera, “We expect our leaders to fight for us, not the special interests. Ron Barber is independent, he’s courageous, and most of all he’s Arizona through and through.”

The Arizona 2nd Congressional district race has Democrat Rep. Ron Barber, a former Giffords’ district director up against former Air Force colonel, Republican Martha McSally, who is less than thrilled with Giffords’ efforts.

The specific attack from Giffords’ gun control group focused on McSally’s objection to closing a loophole that allows individuals convicted of misdemeanors for stalking to buy guns. McSally aides immediately expressed outrage, saying they found the accusation particularly shocking because McSally herself had been a victim of stalking. 

“For an outside group to tie me to the tragic occurrence of a stalker killing his victim is not only personally offensive, it’s degrading to all women and victims who have experienced this pain,” McSally said. “These false and malicious ads are being run by Congressman Barber’s political allies, and for him to remain silent in their wake is damning…He needs to denounce these degrading ads and demand they be pulled down.”


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