How to Tell When a Democrat is Losing


Legitimate rape.

Forty-seven percent.

Remember these phrases?  The media said they defined the Republican candidates.  There was endless coverage of them.  But what happens when a Democrat says that he doesn’t support parental consent before a 14 year-old can have an abortion?  This:

Abortion comments were dumb. Can we move on now?

Editorial board, The Republic ‘ 4:49 p.m. MST October 22, 2014

Our View: Wouldn’t it be nice if we put the same passion into the governor candidates’ economic and education ideas?

The right jumped all over comments by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal that a 14-year-old girl should be able to get an abortion without parental consent.

No surprise there. It was an inarticulate comment (which DuVal’s team has tried to walk back) that gave conservatives a fresh and potent jab in a tight election. As a bonus, it also countered the left’s attacks on GOP standard-bearer Doug Ducey’s connections to social conservative Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy.

But both lines of attack are distractions, aimed at inflaming passions rather than advancing a sober debate on Arizona’s future.

So, accidentally telling the truth about your view on parental consent is an “inarticulate comment” that makes the AZ Republic editorial board yawn.  They insist they want to talk about the “issues.”  Well, this is an issue, just not one they can win in Arizona.

The truth is that any time a Democrat has a scandal or tells the truth about his unpopular beliefs we are told to move on (in fact, it’s the name of one of the Left’s largest groups), but when a Republican says “macaca” or makes a bad joke it’s a deeply troubling, front page story worthy of “Meet the Press.”

DuVal now claims he misstated his view, which is just Democrat-speak for “I accidentally told the truth about what I think.”

Democrats want to “move on” from DuVal’s comments on parental consent because he’s dropping in the polls and they know his view on parental consent is too extreme for voters.  It’s time we stop letting the media set the rules.  


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