Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter: Media Has Given Obama Administration a Pass

A Pulitzer prize winning reporter, formerly with the Washington Post, says the major media has mostly given the Obama administration a pass.

In a story published yesterday at the Daily Beast, 2006 Pulitzer winning reporter Susan Schmidt agrees that this administration seems to get less scrutiny than previous ones. “With some exceptions, people don’t seem to be digging as hard as they have in other administrations,” Schmidt tells the Daily Beast‘s Lloyd Grove. She adds, “Obama came into office saying he was going to make his administrationthe most accessible and transparent in history; in fact, the oppositehas happened.”

Schmidt isn’t alone in her criticism of the administration.Another reporter, described simply as a “longtime Washingtoncorrespondent” tells Grove,to the lack of transparency, and the aggressiveness of thisadministration.”

As for Schmidt, she points out that partisanship isn’t always viewed as problematic by the media. In fact, progressive partisans are often celebrated. She tells Grove, “Glenn Greenwald is celebrated as a hero for doing what he’s doing[exposing NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations aboutgovernment surveillance of American citizens], and yet when she’sdigging into other scandals, she’s basically shut down? …I don’t mean tosound like a right-winger, but you go have to go where the story leadsyou.”


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