Kay Hagan Airs Last Minute Obama Endorsement

After spending much  of her time keeping some distance between her and the Obama administration, as have most Democrats this cycle, North Carolina Democrat incumbent Sen Kay Hagan went up with a last minute Obama endorsement in the form of a radio ad. Most assume the ad is targeted at getting out minority voters, may of whom still view Obama positively.

“You know Kay Hagan has been a tireless leader, creating job opportunities here at home and supporting a higher minimum wage. The Republicans are cutting investments in education while protecting tax breaks for the wealthy, so let’s send them a message by voting for someone who shares our priorities,” Obama says in the ad.

Releasing it last minute without a press announcement as she did appears designed to keep republicans from seizing on the late Obama/Hagan association.

Tellingly, Hagan’s Obama ad didn’t go out until the eve of Election Day, nor was it released early to the media — limiting Tillis’s ability to use it against her with white independent voters. Tillis’s campaign spokesman posted it online Monday evening.


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