Dems to double down on Koch Brothers attacks

In response to Democrats’ Failed Attacks On The Koch Brothers:

Dan, you missed the punchline to your story on the Democrats’ failed attacks on the Koch brothers.

Apparently, they have no intention of backing down but are in fact doubling down on the strategy according to the Politico.

Prompted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrats spent millions of dollars spotlighting Republican ties to the billionaire conservative megadonors Charles and David Koch. But despite Republicans — and some Democrats — publicly decrying the strategy after Tuesday’s GOP wave as an ineffective waste of money, Reid told allies on election night that he planned to continue hammering the brothers, according to an operative close to him.

And big-money liberal groups ranging from the Democrats’ Senate campaign arm and House super PAC to the outfits run by billionaire Tom Steyer and conservative-turned-liberal enforcer David Brock all signaled that they intended to pursue anti-Koch spending and oppo tactics headed into the 2016 election.

So the left’s campaign to get “big-money” out of politics by attacking billionaire conservative megadonors, will be led by billionaire liberal megadonor Tom Steyer and the Media Matters Super PAC American Bridge — and that’s going to somehow look less comically hypocritical in 2016 than it did in 2014.

It’s hard to imagine what makes them think this is a viable strategy but, hey – you go guys.