Mary Landrieu sure does love that crazy Keystone XL pipeline

Mary Landrieu sure does love that crazy Keystone XL pipeline

Want to watch a desperate politician at the end of her rope throw her entire Party under the bus, in a last-ditch effort to hang on to her seat while the breakers of a wave election roll across the shore?  Here’s Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, dancing across the blood-dimmed Republican tide by declaring herself nuts for that Keystone XL pipeline Obama has been blocking for years:

“I believe it is time to act,” Landrieu declared.  “I believe that we should take the new Majority Leader at his word and stop blocking legislation that is broadly supported by the American public and has been for quite some time. I want to say yes to new Majority Leader Mitch McCconnell. The time to start is now. The public has clearly spoken.”

Funny, the entire Democrat Party, their media apparatus, and their titular leader just spent the last week and change telling us the election didn’t mean anything, there was no mandate, the public was maybe just a wee bit ticked off at incumbents and randomly decided to express their anger by voting against Democrats, and the whole thing hardly even counts as an election because the turnout wasn’t high enough to pass some imaginary threshold of seriousness floating in one of the emanations of a penumbra of the Constitution.  Mary Landrieu certainly seems to think it was a serious election.  The bony hand of the political Grim Reaper resting on her shoulder must really be getting to her.

In the deepest unspoken recesses of her heart, Mary Landrieu has always nursed smoldering resentment at Obama for denying the American people the pipeline they want.  Even if this midterm election hadn’t decimated her party, and the House bill to get Keystone rolling wasn’t sponsored by her Republican runoff opponent Bill Cassidy, Mary Landrieu was going to call Obama on the carpet any day now and demand action.  This sad spectacle has to be incredibly demoralizing for the greens, who might be momentarily perked up by Obama’s elaborate ritual of submission to China in the name of “climate change,” but probably aren’t going to be happy with how that plays out over the long run, either.  Tom Steyer bought and paid for the Democrat Party in this election, and all he’s getting for his millions of campaign dollars is the back of Mary Landrieu’s hand.  It sure doesn’t look like Barack Obama’s stature with congressional Democrats is very high these days, either.

As for Senator Cornyn, to whom Landrieu appeals in the clip above, he snorted, “It seems fairly cynical to me after the election, like they’re going to fool people into thinking , ‘We’re for it.'”  I don’t think Mary Landrieu is really fooling anyone.  


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