Boston Hospital Treating Possible Ebola Patient

An individual meeting the CDC definition of a “person under investigation” of having the ebola virus is being treated at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital according to Public Affairs Officer Noah Brown.

Director Of Emergency Preparedness at MGH, Dr. Paul Biddinger confirmed the individual met the CDC criteria noted above.

“This definition involves the possibility of travel to where Ebola is present, the possibility of exposure to that virus, and symptoms that are consistent with that virus,” Biddinger said at a press conference Tuesday evening.

The patient is reportedly in good spirits and resting comfortably. “We feel extremely confident that all of our patients, all of our staff, all of our visitors are completely safe,” said Biddingger. It’s expected to take several days to complete a diagnosis. Meanwhile, the hospital isn’t saying too much, citing privacy guidelines.

It is the policy of the City of Boston and the Boston Public Health Commission not to comment on suspect cases. For months, BPHC has conducted extensive trainings, public awareness campaigns, and coordination with our partners at the state level and surrounding municipalities. We have full confidence in our departments and healthcare organizations that we can keep Boston residents and visitors safe and healthy.