Pride Goeth: Boehner Begs Hoyer for Dem Votes to Fund Obama Amnesty

Pride Goeth: Boehner Begs Hoyer for Dem Votes to Fund Obama Amnesty

Both House and Senate Republican leadership appears poised to sell-out it’s base to both keep the government open, while giving Barack Obama complete freedom to move forward with his controversial executive orders.

The “cromnibus” represents “a combination of a long-term omnibus spending bill and a shorter-term continuing resolution” to fund the government through next yeaar and is considrered a selling out of the Republican base that just handed them a Senate majority and gains in the House of Representatives.

Via Forbes for background: “CRomnibus-How The GOP’s Continuing Resolution To Fund Government Sold Out The Republican Base…Again.”

Now, it appears that’s precisely what the current Republican leadership intends to do. The tweet below is via Robert Costa of the Washington Post.

More via NRO:

House Democratic whip Steny Hoyer has promised to help Republican leadership overcome rank-and-file opposition to passing a funding bill that does not include language barring President Obama from implementing his executive orders, according to one House appropriator.

House Republican whip Steve Scalise conferred “informally” with his Democratic counterpart earlier this week, Representative Mark Amodei (R., Nev.) tells National Review Online.

“There was earlier talk about, ‘Hey, Steny, are you going to be able to deliver some folks on this?’ and, at least earlier, he was like, ‘Yeah,'” said Amodei, who suggested that Republicans could muster 80 percent of the 218 votes needed to pass the bill. “It was not a discussion that was white-knuckled. Maybe it’s getting to white-knuckle the closer we get, but, I hope not.”

Republicans in the Senate, where the GOP now has an incoming majority thanks to the base, appears to be on-board with the sell out, as well.

“I think [the Boehner plan] a pretty responsible way to go forward. It doesn’t shut anything down but also doesn’t give the Department of Homeland Security a full year’s funding and guarantees a kind of ongoing discussion about this whole issue,” McConnell said on the Sirius radio program “Yahoo News on POTUS.” McConnell repeated his vow to avoid a shutdown, which he warned would rattle economic markets.

The reports drew this reaction from a senior Capitol Hill aide, “GOP leaders have just bailed out the Democrats. Now they can hold hands with Republicans, vote for the Boehner Bill, and be absolved of all responsibility for allowing border-destroying amnesty. The only way to interpret these events is to assume that GOP leaders’ core priority, above all others, is to ‘move past’ the amnesty issue. Why else would they push harder for the Hal Rogers’ omnibus package than for a campaign to undo the Obama orders?”