Sen. Cruz: 'House of Cards' Caricature Laughable

Sen. Cruz: 'House of Cards' Caricature Laughable

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said he could only laugh at what could be Hollywood’s “caricature” of him in season two of Netflix’s House of Cards.

Appearing on The Michael Berry Show on Wednesday, Cruz said that he has watched season two of the fictional show about Washington, D.C. and “laughed out loud” at the “straw man” depiction of a Tea Party senator. 

Cruz emphasized that fictional Sen. Curtis Haas was a “Hollywood portrayal” and “caricature” of what a Tea Party Senator is, and he noted that Hollywood “can’t imagine a conservative who can count to ten.” 

He said the fictional senator blocked entitlement reforms that would have strengthened social security and Medicare, and the idea that he would block similar reforms was “ludicrous.”

The senator in the show feuds with his party’s leader, is unafraid to shut down the government and is portrayed as someone the establishment hates and the Tea Party supports. 

Cruz has similarly rankled the bipartisan political class in Washington, D.C. because he has refused to “go along to get along” and drink the Washington Kool-aid, especially during the defunding Obamacare fight. But the more establishment Washington loathes Cruz for trying to fight for his campaign promises instead of abandoning them, his favorability ratings among conservatives and Tea Partiers increase. Cruz, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, has led in multiple presidential polls among Tea Partiers.