Sen. Cruz: The American Renaissance is Beginning

Sen. Cruz: The American Renaissance is Beginning

While standing in the symbolic birthplace of the Texas energy industry, Spindletop Boomtown Museum, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) formally announced his “American Energy Renaissance Act” to help promote energy independence through increased oil and natural gas production with strong limits on federal government interference.

Standing before a group of energy workers and executives, Sen. Cruz began his announcement by saying:

 “Welcome to Boomtown.  This place reminds us of how American entrepreneurs ushered in a new era for America, and for the world. This discovery [oil in Texas] was made at a time when America needed energy to grow and expand. We were developing new tools and new transportation.  The energy that began here ushered in a new era in the world.”

“Today as I travel the state of Texas and I travel the country,” Sen. Cruz continued, “the number one concern of Americans all over this nation is ‘We want jobs and economic growth back.’ Under President Obama the country has been mired in stagnation, what I call the Great Stagnation. From 2008 to 2012, our country grew on average, 0.9 percent. We are facing the lowest labor participation rate since 1978. And the people who are hurting the most, under the Obama economy, are the most vulnerable among us.”

The legislation being proposed by Sen. Cruz lists the following nine points of attack to rebuild the American energy industry and create high paying, middle class jobs for American workers:

  • Expand U.S. Energy Exports
  • Open Offshore Exploration
  • Broaden Energy Development on Federal Land
  • Improve Process to Develop Energy Infrastructure
  • Prevent Federal Regulations of Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Improve Domestic Refining Capacity
  • Stop EPA Overreach and the War on Coal
  • Force Congress and the President to Vote on EPA Regulations that Kill Jobs
  • Dedicate Additional Revenues to Debt Reduction

Sen. Cruz spoke about the opportunity energy brings to the American worker.  “It is truly a providential blessing,” Cruz explained, “that at a time when there is such as desperate need for new jobs, new high-paying jobs, throughout the country, that we are simultaneously witnessing the beginning of an American energy renaissance.”

“The American energy renaissance that is beginning before our eyes,” Cruz said, “can help save us from the Obama economy.”

The Senator noted that Texas oil production had more than doubled in twenty months. “If Texas were considered a separate oil producing nation, Texas would be the ninth oil producing nation in the world.”  Because of this, he explained, Texas added over 300,000 new jobs – roughly double the national job growth percentage rate.  “Every business day in the past year,” Cruz expounded, “almost 1,300 new jobs were created in the Lone Star State. And many of those jobs were directly or indirectly related to the booming energy industry.”

Sen. Cruz’ speech highlights the high level of pay that reaches deep into communities where the oil boom is underway.  He cited young people with a high school diploma being paid upwards of $80,000 per year to drive trucks.  “From 2001 to 2012 the number of upper middle-income jobs grew over 24 percent.”

He then cited similar results in other states that encourage oil and natural gas production like North Dakota. “North Dakota, the unemployment is 2.7 percent. In North Dakota, because of the energy production, a cashier at Walmart makes $17.50 per hour. A kid flipping burgers at McDonalds gets a $300 signing bonus. Now why is that? Because every one of them can go and get a job in the oilfield that pays so much more and that lifts the condition for everyone. It makes it possible for everyone to achieve the American Dream.”

Sen. Cruz’ speech went on to explain how his legislative program will expand energy production why getting the federal government out of the way of states which want to increase production and jobs in their states.

The event was attended by about one hundred people who responded positively to the Senator’s comments and proposals. Cruz was introduced at the event by former Texas Secretary of State and energy icon, George Strake, Jr.  Strake recounted how his father made $10 per week ($2 of which was put in the church collection plate each week) prior to his discovery of oil in the Conroe oil fields.  After the speech, Strake told Breitbart Texas that Senator Cruz has a unique way of communicating complicated issues such as this and that Cruz appreciates, because of Cruz’ own family history, the importance of opportunity for those who seek to achieve.

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