Report: Texas Cities Dominate Job Creation Rankings

Report: Texas Cities Dominate Job Creation Rankings

TEXAS–Texas has presided over the nation’s largest economic boom in a generation. A new report details how numerous Texas cities were on Wallet Hub’s ranking of America’s best cities for job seekers. Fort Worth was named the nation’s number one city for jobs. Arlington, Dallas, Austin, and Houston also made the top 10; Corpus Christi was listed as number 12. 

Wallet Hub compiled the list “using 13 unique metrics, ranging from job openings per capita and industry variety to cost of living and the prevalence of employer-provided health benefits.”

Of Fort Worth, Wallet Hub said, “The leader of the Long Star State’s impressive pack of bountiful job markets, Fort Worth boasts the nation’s 5th fastest-falling unemployment rate, the 4th largest proportion of full-time employees, and the 2nd most affordable housing.  Such dynamics, combined with the lack of either a state or local income tax for which Texas is renowned, are enough to make up for middle-of-the pack rankings when it comes to industry variety, health care coverage and the percentage of the workforce living below the poverty line.”

Governor Perry has continuously promoted policies he claims create a healthy, growing job market in Texas. He said, “Texas’ flourishing economic climate and thriving jobs market continues to receive national attention thanks to our commitment to low taxes, predictable regulations and fair courts. Combined with our world-class skilled workforce ready to take on any need an employer may have, job creators around the country know that Texas is the best state to start and grow a business.” 

As Breitbart News reported, Perry’s speech at CPAC over the weekend was heavily focused on policies in red states against those in blue states. He stressed that in liberal states, the government plays an increasingly large load in peoples’ daily lives. But then, he said, there is the “red state America,” where the freedom of the individual comes first and government is limited. In these states, such as Texas, opportunity and jobs are on the rise.

According to statistics from the Texas Workforce Commission, Texas added roughly 34,000 jobs in January alone. The state currently has an unemployment rate of 5.7 percent–considerably lower than the national average. 

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