Texas Border: Prosecutor Charged for Alleged Corruption

Texas Border: Prosecutor Charged for Alleged Corruption

TEXAS–Antonio “Tony” Reyes faces charges for conspiracy to accept cash in exchange for the dismissal of criminal charges in cases where he was working as an assistant district attorney in El Paso.  According to an article in the El Paso Times, Reyes is expected to plead guilty next week in federal court.

The Times article states that federal court records show Reyes should plead guilty on Monday, March 17 before federal U.S. Magistrate Robert Castañeda. The investigation began in early 2012 and Reyes was arrested in November, 2013.

The federal indictment obtained by Breitbart Texas reveals that Reyes conspired and agreed with other persons to allegedly commit wire fraud. The indictment states that Reyes and his co-conspirators knowingly devised “a scheme and artifice to defraud the County of El Paso, Texas, and the citizens of El Paso County, Texas living and voting in El Paso County, Texas of the intangible right to honest services of a public servant, to act and make decisions on behalf of the citizens of El Paso County, Texas, free from bribery, and to obtain money and property by false and fraudi1ilent pretenses and representations.”

The indictment further alleges that Reyes agreed to accept and actually accepted bribes in the form of cash payments in exchange for filing and supporting Motions to Dismiss in criminal cases pending against the co-conspirators. The indictment also reveals a series of text messages between the conspirators from March 31, 2011 to April 8, 2011 where the conspiracy occurred.

The El Paso Times revealed that during 2012, they had learned that a prosecutor was being investigated for allegedly asking for about $500 to dismiss cases involving domestic violence.

The full context indictment had been made available for review below.

Reyes v. USA Indictment by BreitbartTexas

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