Darby: West Texas Oil Boom Will Attract Mexican Cartel Activity

Darby: West Texas Oil Boom Will Attract Mexican Cartel Activity

Breitbart Texas’ Managing Director Brandon Darby joined Chad Hasty on KFYO-AM Lubbock today to discuss the creeping issues along the Texas/Mexico border that mainstream media in the state refuse to cover. Darby detailed how the oil and gas boom in the Permian Basin can attract illegal elements via Mexican drug cartels–as it has done between the Bakken boom in South Dakota and the Pacific Northwest.

“There were a number of relationships to Washington State where there were a lot of methamphetamine operations going on–a lot of people showing up dead…they were Mexican nationals leading these operations and the U.S. Attorney’s office finally admitted yes, Mexican drug cartels are sending their own people to run these operations.

“If people in Texas don’t think that affects them…we’re having an oil boom, so what happens when you have that kind of boom? You have girls, sex trade, and methamphetamine–so who moves in? Cartels move in, just like they have in other regions of the country. That is an oncoming problem that I don’t think anyone is reporting on.”

Breitbart Texas readers may listen to KFYO-AM’s full interview segment on its website.

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